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Why Choose Us?

Imagery have significant experience in flying multi-rotor and fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) with the ability to deliver high detail 4k UHD aerial filming, high resolution , mapping, thermal imaging and 3D modeling.

are fully licensed by the Authority for commercial use.
Our advantage in comparison to other conventional operators is that we have Approval for Night Flying Operations.
No matter the conditions, with Imagery’s all weather ability (Sub Zero, High Wind) we can ensure an interruption free project.

Our equipment includes the Inspire equipped with a 4k ultra high definition camera and the latest High Detail /Flir XT Thermal Imaging camera, seek & search facility with 3D Thermal Modeling capability.

Survey Inspections

Imagery are specialists in high-level aerial and inspections on tower, chimney structures and roofing using radio controlled quadcopter (UAV’s).

We do work for property owners, leasehold tenants, chartered surveyors, consultants, local councils and religious organizations. Our projects include listed buildings, retail parks, churches, industrial sites, wind turbines, solar farms, towers and landmark buildings.

All of our pilots are approved and are skilled in flying aerial survey to get a view of those “difficult to reach” places. We can fly our close to the roof or to get detailed aerial camera ultra-HD 4K video footage or 22 megapixel still aerial images.

Until now farmers have spent hours visualizing data from the ground level on quad bikes or from tractors giving them fairly limited information about the condition of the crop as a whole.

With our agriculture (UAV’s) it is now easy to view any given land area and turn it into actual data in a few hours. is now affordable using (UAV) technology.

’s commercial quadcopter can fly an average of 60-80 acres in around 20 minutes without the need to land. We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each job. It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in the air. So we are able to fly all day with very little disruption.

Drones specific for agriculture have modified camera to produce imagery.

By mapping your fields, you can anticipate yields. By gathering information on such things as drainage, moisture content of soil, and patches with less or more growth, you can help to decide what crops to plant in which fields, and which seed varieties to use.



mean a quantum leap for surveying. They provide eyes that can reach and hover above specific sites. Their height and cameras can be adjusted remotely. And, equipped with sensors, they can measure, transmit and store data.

Global positioning has created greater interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). According to Analyst, “GIS professionals provide a wide variety of land-related services like identifying property boundaries, subdividing land, and surveying construction sites for placement of buildings. They also produce topographic and hydrographic maps, volumetric calculations for stockpiles, and flood insurance maps, among other services.”

Over the last decade, the market for photovoltaic systems has grown tremendously. In Germany alone, about 1.5 million photovoltaic systems were installed at the end of 2014. Considering the necessary maintenance of such a high number of modules, there is a need for efficient quality assessment tools.

It is the surveillance of solar panels, which is of high importance to guarantee a disturbance-free operation of the modules, which is the basic requirement for efficient electricity generation, long period of operation and fast amortisation of the assets.

The use of thermal imaging cameras provides several advantages: the most important are for example: anomalies can be seen very clearly on a thermal image and – in contrast to other methods – thermal imaging cameras can be used to monitor solar modules, while they are mounted and operating.


  • Rapid and Easy scans for Roof tops and arrays
  • Hot spot identification showing defective cells / Geotagged image
  • Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement
  • Infrared signatures show defective panels
  • Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency
  • Save time with pre-selected way point

  • / Video

    Traditional photographs are great but why not take it up a level with and video?

    Give your wedding guests a surprise and creates memories that you’ll never forget. If you’re getting married you can combine your traditional wedding photographs with some aerial shots using a drone.

    Our experienced drone pilots are skilled at capturing special moments without being intrusive. It creates a whole new perspective to your wedding images and will give your guests something to talk about for a very long time.

    Get birds-eye views of your location and your guests with natural shots that will enhance any wedding album. Create a wedding with a difference and add drone to your big day.

    offers affordable wedding packages that can include drone photographs and videos for your wedding ceremony and at the reception. Find out more about our aerial photography package we offer.

    Event / Video

    What’s the next great event happening in your life? Imagery looks forward to the opportunity of capturing true life moments by means of their Event services. Our Event Video Production capabilities allows us to film the event or story as it unfolds. We are here to support your special event with Video Production Services at your upcoming anniversary, birthday bash, baby shower, and celebration of life gathering! We connect with our clients and listen to the flow of their event.

    This event video production process keeps us accountable, to accommodate the clients needs, and be there for all the specific moments that define their untold story. Then, our team of videographers captures cinematic style content with our 4K industry standard equipment.

    4K Video Production equipment allows for a significantly sharper video resolution and the highest level of sound quality. Your Event project comes alive in the editing phase, where we implement music, graphics, and inspiring visuals. All these parts of the storytelling process will communicate your Event Video Production message with a deep emotional impact. To find out more please give us a call or send us an email so we can schedule a meeting.


    are an essential aspect of digital marketing, especially in the age of social media.
    We have the equipment, applications, and the expertise to capture and produce eye-catching, informative, entertaining short films promoting or documenting your business, service, product or event and we will publish it online for your convenience.
    A mix of aerial and ground visuals will make your video unique and your promotion stand out from the crowd.

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