Drone Surveillance

Drone Surveillance

Surveillance or Reconnaissance is the nearby perception of an individual, gathering of individuals, practices, exercises, framework, building and so forth to oversee, impacting, coordinating, or ensuring. There are a few distinct strategies for reconnaissance, including GPS following, camera perception, stake-outs, information mining and profiling, and biometric observation among others.

Conventional observational

Conventional observational reconnaissance techniques are normally restricted by the fixed idea of the camera, which is typically taken care of physically or fixed upon a tripod or other structure. Flying reconnaissance can be performed utilizing a helicopter; while this accomplishes the ideal outcome, it is additionally expensive.

Unmanned airplane systems

Unmanned airplane systems give the perfect answer for the issues and constraints looked by other reconnaissance strategies. Automaton reconnaissance presents a simpler, quicker, and less expensive strategy for information assortment, and various other key focal points. Automaton planes can enter restricted and bound spaces, produce negligible clamor, and can be outfitted with night vision cameras and warm sensors, permitting them to give symbolism that the natural eye can’t distinguish.

Drone Security at Night​

Drone security at night offers a huge increase in resilience to potential harm, coercive change and hostile action. We deploy FLIR thermal cameras, a leading thermal technology. Flying at 400ft, it provides a very capable, and unrivalled means of detection.

Drone Surveillance

​We provide specialist drone surveillance. Skilled in covertly deploying drones in order to capture high definition photography and video. Especially ​effective in rural areas.

Done Surveillance

Drone Surveillance Drone Security At Night​ An Overview

Security drones and home surveillance monitors are now a hot topic, and many companies, including Drone Imagery Norfolk Drones, DJI, and Secom, are launching their own drones. Domestic security drone systems have caused a huge uproar in recent years, spawning a whole new generation of home security and surveillance systems.

Mavic Drones Are The Leaders

Mavics leads the field, with the hardware for security drones being the workhouse for these applications. FlytBase is a custom-built drone based on the Ardupilot PX4 with a full-fledged security system. The system is designed to support a number of drones from different drone manufacturers, so that the end user can have a hybrid drone fleet for each application.

What is particularly exciting is that Drone Imagery and many of its customers are looking for integrators to help them deploy, integrate and maintain surveillance drones for security, response or operational purposes.

Drones Offer a Cheaper way

While drones are cheap to use, the drones that most law enforcement agencies can afford are currently far more expensive than their manned counterparts. Often drones were a cheaper alternative to remote-controlled helicopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles, but, while these platforms are cheaper and less powerful, personnel costs remain constant, as officers are required to operate the drone. So, in almost every case, a drone is a cheaper – more effective – solution than a manned helicopter or helicopter – like a platform. If you want drones to patrol your grounds around the clock in shifts, this means you will be spending a large amount of money on more than one security drone, and surveillance depends on drones in bad weather, which can prevent them from flying.

In such scenarios, it is impossible for a domestic security drone to completely destroy your property 24 hours a day. Even if your surveillance drone is crammed with motion sensors at home, the availability of motion detection capabilities is not guaranteed.

Considering Factors

Another factor to consider for your personal surveillance drone is that the drone’s surveillance at night may not be in work mode, but may be on standby to receive additional commands.


Night vision devices cost between £1,000 and £2,500 an hour, which makes a big difference given the constant subscriptions and monthly fees that would have been overwhelmingly expensive in the long run.

Drone Imagery drones could be equipped with advanced infrared sensors to carry out surveillance at night, such as airborne drones.

Do you want your surveillance drone to be used to monitor the crowd at the Wembley or be selected and deployed by the London Met?
This is easy, but allowing pilots to fly at night increases the number of hours your drone is useful. If the law allows, it is possible to add a camera-based drone to video surveillance. ALTI safety drones can fly in the dark, without night vision or even with an infrared sensor.

Drones Are Banned In Some Places

In states where drones are banned without accompanying warrants, police are prohibited from using them. Some drone surveillance systems integrate even more advanced technologies into the drone, such as the ability to track suspects. The surveillance devices that can be placed on a drone are also more powerful than those that can be mounted on manned aircraft.

Lawmakers Recognition

Lawmakers should recognize that technologies such as geofencing and auto-editing can make the use of drones more dangerous for public safety and privacy. Lawmakers and law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world recognize this.

Lawmakers and legislators in other countries, and the public at large, need to recognize that these technologies, such as automatic fencing or automatic corrections, could make it easier for police to track suspects and their whereabouts.

Data advocates argue that the government will be able to conduct comprehensive and ubiquitous surveillance because drones are cheaper to operate than their manned counterparts. To counter criminal – and well-meaning – drone users, who are likely to ignore these efforts, start-ups are developing drones that hunt drones and send them to machines.

Drones Can Be Equipped With Different Payloads

Drones can be equipped with various types of surveillance devices that can capture high-resolution video and still images during the day and at night. They usually have a video camera attached that allows an operator to view the camera and control the drone.
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other law enforcement agencies have used drones with high-resolution video and still images as part of their surveillance programs.

Making The Most Of The Technology

However, to make the most of the available security drone technology, the right choice of drone must be made. The OnyxStar FOX – C8 XT Observer is designed to perfectly fulfill the remote surveillance mission that can only be carried out by UAV and RPAS drones. This system listens for controlled drone signals from a remote control and is capable of producing high-resolution video and still images, as well as a variety of other functions.
The drone’s security can also be used for Consumer purposes, saving time and money for on-site surveillance.

Covert Imagery Drone Surveillance

We have found clients using our services for covert imagery, this is particularly useful gathering imagery to present in a court case for Insurance Claim Surveillance, light intrusion, parking problems. Taking to the air in a covert manner secures the imagery required for a successful prosecution.

Drone Imagery