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The first question you might ask is where is any drone wedding photography near me? well, you are in luck because we travel all over the UK and are licensed by civil aviation authority, we ensure that we capture amazing memorable video and photography footage at your wedding venue on your big day shot in 4K.
We take footage on your wedding day from the church, then onto the wedding reception venue. Weather permitting we can capture video and stills to enhance and wedding portfolio.

If we have enough lighting we can arrange for you and your wedding party to group together for some aerial wedding photography special shots just before the sunsets.

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The key thing when planning a wedding for drone wedding photographs is to allow time to capture the event and carefully choose the moment when it flies. An ideal moment to capture would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socializing this can be great for a wedding video too.

A classic drone wedding shot is to position all the guests together with the bride and groom in the center whilst the drone ascends into the sky – everyone will appear in the frame and get smaller and smaller as the drone flies away.

Will photography be of high quality?

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Your pilot will typically be able to offer a range of cameras to suit your budget when hiring a drone, rest assured we use the best drone for wedding video. When you go to pick a camera, you should consider your wedding budget, how much material you plan to film, and how good you want your pictures or video to look.

Today, Drone Wedding Photography your drone operators use wide-angle 4K UHD cameras to capture the highest quality of your memorable day..

Will the weather have to be taken into consideration?

Yes. It’s worth noting that drones can’t fly in rain or high winds. The pilot will tell you if the weather conditions are unsuitable for flying.

Are drones noisy?

Drones, vows, and speeches don’t go together because of the noise that the drones make. Drones aren’t quiet because they have high powered motors that turn the propellers to produce the uplift.  It’s best to talk to your drone pilot, guests, and venue so that you can arrange when the drone needs to be grounded for the important bits so which drone for wedding photography?

Is it expensive to hire your
photography Service?Aerial Wedding Photography Norfolk Bride Couples

Drone wedding photography prices vary so make sure to get a few quotes, but you should typically budget around £300 to £1000 to hire a drone operator who can also deliver not only aerial shots but an edited video too. In our experience, brides and grooms usually go for this option and want a drone operator who can both capture the aerials and provide completely edited videos and photos.

Tips for couples who are hiring a drone for their wedding?

The key thing when planning your photography is to allow time to capture the event and carefully choose the moments when it flies. An ideal moment to capture would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socializing.
Aerial photography or film of your wedding gives a new and exciting perspective to your wedding photo album, we can deliver beautiful intimate shots of the bride & groom and showcase the wedding venue at its best.

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We can work alongside your ground-based photographer and liaise directly with them to come up with a working plan of the day to maximize our time at the venue and to plan the best shots possible.

The possibilities that Wedding drone photography brings will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. we can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests, and maybe even a breathtaking sunset, Drones reveal landscapes, spectacular views and give you a much more powerful sense of scale.

We have in our fleet the latest in High-end UAV technology

Drone wedding photography UK provide stunning UHD 4K cameras to provide our clients with the stunning aerial images that they have grown to expect from us, we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible images for our clients and believe that we offer exceptional levels of customer services as we believe that this will grow our business stronger and develop long-lasting working relationships with our clients.
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