Aerial Survey Inspection

and Inspections

Almost all inspections are historically been expensive and time-consuming. For that reason, more clients than ever before are using for a diverse range of and drone applications. As a result, using certified aerial systems guided by incredibly accurate GPS guidance systems, detailed high-resolution images and video are available.

Construction Project

Offering construction project & service, this comes with edited video and images from 's licensed professional drone operators. Similarly surveys are valued in the management industry. Because have the ability to provide an enlightening perspective on work progress. Included in the package are high-resolution images and video. Finally, Drone Imagery offers a promotional creation service that is produced in-house by editors.

Mapping Services

Drone Mapping in 2D and 3D to facilitates accurate planning and measurement. systems can fly automatically over large areas quickly and safely to provide clear and detailed maps. As a result, data collected provides information to complete maps and 3D models, which in turn are compatible with CAD and other design software.

Property Using

First of all, uses certified pilots with CSCS cards. The drone platforms are professional grade 4K video, HDR & 360 image camera systems.
These systems enable work to be fully compliant with industry best practices. This gives clients peace of mind. , filming and photography conducted will be of a high standard and in legal compliance with both aviation laws and construction industry regulations.
Furthermore, our range of solutions are designed to meet requirements across a wide range of industries. From still images to video. A a result our wealth of knowledge across all aspects of & surveillance. With Drone Imagery you benefit from expert consultancy in the planning and execution of your project.

& Inspections

's provide footage of roofs that certainly can be difficult to inspect. Therefore with the use of professional , this enables excellent insights into condition and structure. For that reason through HD video, are able to identify potential hazards. These include fragile roof deck or detect leaks. Take advantage of Drone Imagery's roof service and negate the overheads which can come with hiring a cherry picker or scaffolding in order to your roof.

National Provider

Drone Imagery is drone East Anglia's leader. Drone Imagery teams are fully mobile. Our Company travels the length and breadth of the for client projects. Call us today on 07729 224 597 and discover how can help meet your surveying requirements. Our teams are ready for larger jobs. We can to any area in the UK. Including Drone London, Essex, London, Medway, Hampshire, , , Kent, Kings Lynn, North , Bury St. Edmunds, Sudbury, Dereham, Swaffham, , Great Yarmouth, Clacton, Ipswich, Felixstowe, Cromer, Hunstanton, , , Peterborough, Newmarket, Cambridge, Ely, Leicester.


Aerial Survey Inspection

Aerial Survey Inspection work with , architects, estate agents, chartered surveyors, local councils, insurance firms, and religious organisations to create and explain drone building , with commercially-approved pilots capturing accurate images and our in-house property expert annotating the outcomes.

Many building owners and property managers have used infrared scanning services to help assess the condition of their roofing systems.  Infrared technology is used to locate trapped moisture within assemblies.

Infrared cameras are able to assess infrared energy being emitted from roof systems and capture images of the energy patterns. The images can then be interpreted to help determine potential areas of trapped moisture.

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